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The Issue With Hunting

The act of hunting for sport is a terrible thing to do. We are disrespecting the cycle of life and the environment around us. Human’s are officially classified as animals under the sub-category of Mammals. Do we hunt humans as a living? If hunting is a sport, shouldn’t we be shooting each other too. It does not make sense. When people do contests or attempt to have the most “game” as it is called is disrespecting us. What makes us human is to be compassionate, kind, curious and able to make mistakes. These are not mistakes, they are meant to bring the hunters pleasure. I live in Canada. I remember learning in History in Grade 7 about the Natives. They hunted however they only killed what they needed. They would not murder buffalo just for the fun of it. If they needed it, they would eat the “good stuff”. However, they would use the other parts of the animals for other things, such as weapons, jewelery, pottery and even cooking tools. These are only just some what they did. I am not stating no one should eat meat, I am stating eat meat sustainably, eat what you need, don’t over-kill it and don’t hold contests on it. They are full status animals, just like us.

Don’t Hunt for sport, do it sustainably and properly.

Rohan Jain

Founder of I2Us

Director of Social Causes