6 Most Common Ways We Waste Water

 Having a car wash, seriously, who needs one? The car is not contaminated because you sit in the inside, not the out. What a surprising thing! You don’t have anyone to impress so why do you do it? Your employees don’t care how your car looks.


5. Sprinklers waste so much water. If you need your sprinklers don’t leave it on for the whole day, turn it off after an hour.


4. If you own a dishwasher don’t do small dishes at a time, do one big load. That way water is being used more efficiently to wash dishes.


3. For all those with a washing machine don’t put more water in the machine than you need. If your washer uses an eco-mode, turn that on and also match the water to the load of clothes


2. Showers seriously, we only need 5 minutes. How long does it take to use body wash, shampoo and conditioner. For those with long hair do one big shower per week where you use all supplies you need. Any longer than 5 minute waste around 1+ galleons.

1. Don’t leave the water running at all, even when you are brushing your teeth, it is not helpful when you shave or brush your teeth to have the running water just running for long.