A Moments Thought #1

Imagine you were 7 and lived in a rural third world country. It doesn’t matter where. You don’t have   access to clean water, fresh edible food, shelter, recreation and fun. It is not a 1 day thing, it is continuous which happens day after day after day. You have no hope of getting a good future with a good job. There is no fun, you are right away pulled out of bed to go to work. Hard labor has been done for 10 hours. Next, you have to look for food and water. You have to drink very little water and eat tiny bits of food so the family can eat. Now open your eyes don’t you see how lucky you are? We have so much! What is considered a necessity for us is considered heaven for them. We should not complain, want less and give more. Let’s be thankful what we have and don’t complain if you don’t get the next iPhone because it doesn’t matter.

This message needs to be passed on, be thankful!

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Founder of I2us
Director of Social Causes