A Moments Thought #2

To the readers of my blog, I want you to think about something. When we say we need things, what does it mean to us? I will tell you. It means the next IPhone or Samsung Galaxy Tab, new furniture, goods we only use a 3 times a year such as Christmas Trees. Let me ask you, are these goods are really necessary to our lives. Take a few minutes to think about it. Yet as I am on my way home from South America, I have realized something. It does not matter! There are people all throughout the world from the Americas and Europe to Oceania, Africa and Asia that don’t even have any single of one of those luxuries. In places such as Peru, Thailand, India and other countries, it is horrifying what my eyes and hopefully your eyes are witnessed to. I am a 14-year-old teen myself and I love the modern world. However I was terrified when I saw the horrible condition of local children. On this trip there were kids around 6 and above, cleaning garbage, walking around the city alone, sleeping on the streets, begging for refusing customers to buy their street items and even worse, I even saw kids eating out of a garbadge can. Imagine if that was your life. Now look at ours and see how little we need these “necessities”.  So if you are reading this blog and don’t get the goods you want right away, don’t throw a fit. Be thankful that you have a home, family, love, education, food, water and the other things we take for granted.


Remember there is a way for this to change. Spread your dream! Take other dreams and combine it with everyone else’s! If our dreams and influence could spread deep into the core of the world, we could shorten, reduce and even stop poverty!


 “Take Action. Create Change. Join The Movement”



Founder and Director of Social Causes