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Top 5 Green Tech Companies

In today’s technological era, the emergence of green technology is rapidly expanding across the globe. There are numerous companies, varying from start ups to large corporations. I think as global citizens, it is our duty to actively promote individuals and businesses who dare to go the extra mile to “be green.” Today, we will be recognizing the top tech companies who go green.




Google is known as a champion of green energy throughout the world since its carbon-neutral status in 2007. According Google’s Green site, the search engine’s data centres use only half the power of a typical data centre. Google makes it a habit to annually purchase 879 million kWH (about 2441666 solar panels per year)! The web giant aims to make renewable energy their only source of power; Google has already started by investing $USD2.5 billion in projects spanning solar, wind, electrical grids and data centre design.



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With electricity accounting for 85% of Cisco’s GHG emissions, the use of green energy can make a big difference. Although Cisco uses a hefty amount of 1.1 billion kwH annually, the company is looking to increase its use of renewable energy. The networking giant also plans to reduce electricity emissions by 40% at the end of 2017 and expand conservation through various partners.




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In 2014, Apple converted 100% of its US operations to renewable energy and is working toward a carbon neutral footprint across their entire supply chain. It is regular to see Apple to purchase solar farms to make data centres 100% sustainable and conserving forests to offeset its use of paper packaging. 80% of Apple’s retail stores are running on 100% renewable energy.


I would also like to acknowledge Apple’s sustainablility with their products. All Macs, iPhones and iPads are completely environmentally friendly. Here is a screenshot describing Apple’s Retina iMac.


Screen Shot 2017-07-31 at 11.11.48 PM.png


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Microsoft uses a substantial 1.3 billion kWH annually (3611111 solar panels), making it one of the largest consumers of sustainable energy on the planet. Five years ago, the company implemented a carbon fee, charging businesses for produced carbon, hence creating a carbon-neutral model. Microsoft is progressing to update its cloud data centres to lessen environmental impact and increase renewable energy.



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Intel, the company who manufacturers every processor found in almost every laptop, uses a whopping 3.1 billion kWH of various sources of renewable energy such as solar, wind and biomass. It even operates 18 of its own solar panels with a capacity of 700 kW. Intel takes a step further with its compensation plan – a model linking a a portion of every employee’s compensation to reaching energy efficiency goals.


I would like to applaud these five technological leaders for going green across production and infrastructure. Although, there are many other tech companies who utilize green energy, these corporations are in a class of their own.

Next time when you are looking for a new gadget, check out these companies first!