Why Your Brain Should Be Healthy

I read this book on your brain and why to take care of it. I learnt some of these lessons and now I want to share them. Your brain is like a computer CPU which controls all activities. However a computer can do functions automatically and it can have too much server overload which makes it crash. The brain is precious, we cannot keep overloading it.

  This fact will shock you to the very core, multitasking is bad! I know right, the truth is your brain works more efficiently and focused when on 1 task. Your full brainpower is focused. Isolate all other distractions, worries and the other. If you have many assignments or job deadlines, do it in a  special way

  . Do two bigs and do 3 smalls. You do each one at a time so you are using the brain’s full potential. The other main fact I want to get down to is not making your brain become lazy and poor. We are controllers of our own body, destiny and fate. Each of us is meant to be something great. Don’t let your brain go on auto-run where you do everything by routine (some exceptions with people with disabilities and medication) and don’t think. Your brain should always be thinking outside the box, different routines, and be creative. There are cases if you don’t do brain exercise (such as clearing your mind) , it can make yourself very forgetful.


I am not going to explain in detail about these exercises, research will have to be done to be taken further to do some better exercises and more strategies. I just hope this will wake everyone up about it.