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U.S.A Climate Education Crisis

  According to a research study, many middle and high school educators are getting climate change wrong. A quick climate refresher is needed. The conclusions of climate change are overwhelming.   According to a research study, many middle and high school educators are 95% of scientists believe the pressing issue is the cause of human activity. There is a lack of knowledge of climate change in the secondary school system.

  An estimate of 75% of teachers are communicating human consumption of fossil fuels is a major contribute to climate change. 30% tell students that humans are partly to blame for climate change. The study’s main author, Plutzer says it is sending students mixed messages, causing an unwarranted debate, whereas the majority of scientists do not see the causes of climate change as a debate. However, the authors of the study must account for the hidden power in debate. In Nashville, a teacher routinely asks his students to debate about the causes of climate change. Debate teaches people to be able to tell the difference between science and meaningless statements on televison or the “dinner table”.

  The majority of teachers do not have a sufficient background on climate change. Many educators did not encounter such topics in their post-secondary education. Sadly, our own educators have to learn the science before teaching it. Climate change education in secondary sechools is partly to blame on outdated science textbooks. Many textbooks become outdated simply because of new discoveries. This can negativley impact the next generation’s knowledge. Many educators simply avoid their textbooks to keep up-to-date. However, teachers experience difficulties when attempting to locate the best resources for classroom use. Up-to-date resources are a mandatory requirements in classrooms.

  It is important for the next generation to be properly educated about current issues. Education is the first step in resolving climate change. If students are not equipped with the proper resources, then this will limit their knowledge and furthermore their ablitiy to prevent climate change. As Nelson Mandela stated, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”