A Day in my Madhouse

I live in a madhouse. No, my family is not crazy or on drugs or abusive. My mom has this great project she is doing, but it means me living and breathing chaos.  Everyday, when I come home from school, and, I step into the door, it is madness. There are two rooms at the front of the house one either side.  One has cabinets of thousands of cooking items, and the other room is a “professional” photography studio. My mom has taken over the living room and our sitting room. Everything is pushed to the sides of the walls. Our family room has tables everywhere for all the interns and volunteers my mom takes in for hours. Our huge kitchen tables is the “office” where her full time staff work. That means, I eat my meals on the floor. If I touch any of the papers, my mom goes crazy.  She thinks she is organized, and so does her staff, but let me tell you they live in some imaginary dream world.  There are  lights, white paper, plugs,  dishes of color, napkins, placemats,color coded measuring cups everywhere.  Someone please help me! I’m sinking. I step into the main batteground, the endless struggle between peace and madness. So far my mom is winning as she mildly reminds me everday, since she gave birth to me , she is the boss.


My mom and her team have taken over the land or commonly known as the kitchen. There are four computers scattered everywhere, some binders, papers and all the “usual”  office stuff typically found in a kitchen. Yeah Right! The entire kitchen table is a mess. I don’t understand why she can’t be neat like me, her charming son. Well there is one good thing about this, the food! My favourite recipes have included oreo pie, mudpie, spicy guacamole, olive feta and mushroom omlette, apple crumble, feta cheese dip, greek salad and so much more. She is making visual step by step recipes to help kids with developmentat delays. So I know its a good thing, but it doesn’t take away from my Madhouse. If you think this isn’t a one and only event, and only happens sometimes, let me clarify. This happens every weekday; Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Only on the weekend do I get  peace. But I hear she wants to get volunteers from the schools to help her with her project on weekends. Someone help me please! All I’m asking is for some peace, on some of the days. See you next time, and hopefully my life will be more peaceful.