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Why Donald Triplett is Not Most Likely Autism’s 1st Child

I was doing some research on autism and came across an article about the first child of autism. His name is Donald Triplett and he is currently 82 years old, his medical information was plugged in 1943 in literature. This does not make much sense, because since autism is a new research it is not as extensive. Also for Autism was first “discovered” in the mid 20th century, doesn’t that mean it existed a long time ago but we just did not know about it. Just because it was just discovered doesn’t exactly mean he was the 1rst child. It was probable it existed since the start of time, but no one knew what it was. We don’t know the exact information. How can we just assume he is the first? There was no written documentation long ago. How would we know? Wouldn’t that mean Triplett is not Autism’s 1st child? We just don’t know about it. Perhaps autism started at the beginning of time. We might never know.