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La Vecchia Live Review 

I went out with the fam and some friends to dinner at La Vecchia, an AMAZING Italian restaurant. We were greeted right at the door by the staff, nice and friendly staff with smiles on their faces. 
We ordered the caprese for myself, my friends and Niam Jain autism artist. But Niam, being the picky eater didn’t want any. ☹️

They served our main meals, my mom got a mushroom risotto, my dad got agolonti with mushroom truffle ensence sauce, my friends got the agolonti with rose sauce and a Cheese pizza. My friends parents got something (I couldn’t tell) I personally got the best dish, concidintanlly the same one as

Which was 

It was awesome. Pure awesomeness. Haven’t had desert yet… hope we do

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