In Cusco, My friends and I visited a underprivileged school to donate school supplies. We bought pencil crayons, erasers, pencils, monopoly, maps, art kits,etc for all 60 children attending the school. It consists of boys and girls ranging from around 3 to 13. Many of the kids lived there and they were so happy they got their supplies. We were even allowed to sit in the classroom of the younger children and attempt to communicate to them. However none of this couldn’t have happened without work behind the scenes. Our tour guide gave us the name of this wonderful establishment. I would like to thank my mom and all the other parents for helping take charge to buy the materials. This was a great learning experience for all 14 of us. I believe it taught us to appreciate the things we take for granted in the world we live in such as home, love, family, clean water, food, and education. This was personally one of my favourite projects, I have ever done.