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RMKM is an NGO organization which is located in India. The creation of this vibrant and dynamic ecosystem is hoped to be achieved by Enabling the disabled through inclusive education, vocational trainings, preventive and rehabilitative services; Reducing the Infant Mortality Rate (IMR) and Maternal Mortality Rate (MMR) through early interventions promoting safe motherhood, health counselling and health camps including HIV-AIDS awareness building; Empowering the socially deprived, especially women, through education, awareness building, natural resource management, capacity building and microcredit programmes aimed at livelihoods enhancement; Providing care and support to the aged.


It was my very first project I did when I was in Grade 3. I sold green I2Us bracelets for $2.00 and raised $3200. 00. I gave the raised money to my school’s outreach council, which travelled to India. The money was used to build a playground, school supplies and water tanks for an integrated school in Rajasthan.