Autism Awareness 2015 Bake Sale

This April is Autism Awareness Month. I will be hosting a bake sale at our school to raise money for autism awareness. The money raised will be funded towards creating a visual comic book style cookbook of yummy deserts for kids and youth with autism and developmental disabilities. Recipes include; Jumbo Chocolate Cookies, brownies and much more! The sale will start on Monday April 13th and end on Friday April 17th. After the completion of the cookbook, it will be available in late-May to June on the website.



As of April 19th 2015, we have raised $321.95. This is amazing! I am so proud we all managed to unite together to bring awareness and raise money for a worthy cause: Autism. I would like to thank everyone who assisted me with this bake sale, whether it’s my friends for baking or volunteering to help me to the support of the school community. A special kudos to my mom who helped me every night and worked with me late as 1:30 am. So again, thanks for the support! We made a big difference