Mum, your apology means nothing….

A couple of weeks ago, my mom and I were at Starbucks; enjoying our cookies and green tea. On our way out, my mom commits the worst crime…


That’s right. She put the recyclable container in the FOOD WASTE BIN. She was too lazy (I’m called this often)  to put it in the recycling bin that was right next to the waste one!

When I bore witness to my mom’s crime, I was furious. I scolded her for her carelessness and laziness. She apologized, yet it’s not enough. Actions speak louder than words and despite her attempts for me to forgive her wrongdoing; it is impossible for me to “let it go”. 

Mum, your apology doesn’t mean anything. Though, I will give you brownie points for trying.

Kids, make sure your mom doesn’t do this. It is our job to keep them in check.

Until next time,