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The Cure

Everyday in the car, Niam loves to sing with his favourite band on the radio, the Cure. 

As we were strolling around in Miami, Niam saw the sign for the Cure concert. He really wanted to go, so we got tickets. Niam was amazed and shocked how his favourite band came from the radio. Niam was singing, dancing and having a good time. 

As a brother, this was one of the times I saw Niam truly happy. He listens to the Cure everyday and loved hearing Robert Smith singing his heart out. Niam did not want to leave a minute early, and enjoyed every second of it. 


After a long day and half sleep walk to the car, we happen to catch the Cure again in the radio. Niam was thrilled and it was a perfect event to finish the day.


Kudos to Robert Smith, Simon Gallup, Roger O’Donnell, Jason Cooper and Reeves Gabrels