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I was bored… On Earth Day

I was bored. What do people do when they’re bored? Go into dreamworld; exactly what I did. , The sight of the growing trash in my neighborhood transported me back to reality. I was shocked at the lack of care towards the Earth. I knew tomorrow’s leaders would need to form better habits to create a better future.

I’ve decided to do something productive (for once) by making a social story; designed to teach young children about the importance of the Earth and help them shape a bright future.

Here’s a quick outline:

1. What is Earth Day

2. The problems with the Earth

3. What we can do to help the Earth

The goal of this story is to develop “green” skills for the next generation. Teachers, this is a simple way to introduce environmental education into the classroom.  If tomorrow’s generation becomes Padawans today, they will be Jedi Masters tomorrow. 

Download What is Earth Day on my mom’s site,