3 Savvy Green Gifts for Dad

Fathers Day is coming up soon and here are some cool green gifts, you can give.


1. iPad/Mac

Photo by cyu79/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by cyu79/iStock / Getty Images

Apple is a leader in the technological sector. Their products manage to be great, yet be incredibly green. Apple minimizes their usage of harmful substances in their products. Here are some of the examples.  

  • Highly recyclable aluminum enclosure You won’t have to throw out your computer
  • Mercury-free LED-backlit display
  • Arsenic-free display glass
  • BFR-free
  • PVC-free
  • Beryllium-free
  • Reduced packaging volume
  • Meets ENERGY STAR 6.1 requirements A high standard.
  • Rated EPEAT Gold

2. e-Reader 

Photo by AGorohov/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by AGorohov/iStock / Getty Images

e-Readers are perfect for Dad’s library of a 1000+ books. The e-link display uses significantly less power than a traditional LCD panel. e-Readers are not printed books, thus they save trees. It’s a win-win situation!

3. Niam’s Greeting Cards

Niam Jain Autism Artist makes fabulous greeting cards which are perfect for Dad’s big events. These downloadable cards are always on your computer, which makes it perfect for electronic invitations. This way no paper is printed. However, during the occasion where you need a printed card, print it on sustainable paper. It’s a win-win!