My Autism Awareness Day

April is commonly known as Autism Awareness Month. During April, we take the time to raise awareness, promote and celebrate autism. Usually, I just raise awareness and wear blue on April 2nd. However, April 1st, 2016, everything changed.


Many of you might have heard about Samsung’s Look At Me Project. To those unfamiliar, Samsung Canada and Autism Speaks Canada have joined forces to utilize technology and the Look at Me app to improve the daily lives of children with ASD. 


Now what does this have to do with me… Samsung decided to campaign Niam’s amazing abstract art and how technology integrates into his workflow. Niam was featured everywhere, CP24, CBC, Metro News and even CNN. To make things better for Niam, he ruled Dundas Square on April 1st. He had a huge dome with his gorgeous paintings displayed, people were coming and he loved it. Niam truly has a passion for painting, he was loving the fun atmosphere.


I am so happy for him because I know none of this would not be possible without two things, technology and dedication. Niam utilizes technology in his workflow, from the time he wakes up to the shopping of paint supplies. Niam’s use of technology has truly allowed him to communicate in many ways, he simply wouldn’t be able to do without. Dedication. I have never seen so much dedication from anyone. He wants to go painting, sell them, give them to his customers and most of all, be better. Niam has inspired me and taught me about the power of dedication and hard work.


On the 2nd, well for Niam, it was back to normal, however I think something changed within all of us. I have truly learned that autism is to be celebrated and promoted. Niam, I am proud of you. Keep on doing what you are doing. Check out his website @