Human Rights

It Took A Canadian Human Rights Tribunal To Declare Aboriginal Children Have Been Discriminated Upon!

 In 2007, there was a filed complaint from the Assembly of First Nations and The First Nations Child and Family Caring Society of Canada concerning the welfare of Aboriginal children. It took a lengthy nine years to acknowledge a known human rights issue. I am a youth, and not only do I know about it, I know it has been occurring for decades. 



  It turns out the Canadian government has been discriminating against First Nation children on reserves for years. This issue revolves around the government not providing reserve children EQUAL services as the rest of the children in the country. The Canadian Government has deliberately ignored this vulnerable segment of society either out of sheer negligence, racism or perhaps a financial issue. 





Canada has been a democracy for a century and has  given equal rights to its citizens for over three decades.  Despite the First Nations being the first inhabitants of Canada, they have less rights than the immigrants who form Canadian society. The declaration of the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal has come decades late. 



There have been documented atrocities against the First Nations children in our society for years.  The Residential School Program was comprised of First Nations children who were forced to attend school and assimilate into European culture. The children  experienced rape and abuse for the  purpose of destroying the “Indian Culture”  and promoting assimulation to western culture.



The  guarrantee of equal rights in a democracy is not always met. Canada is often referred to the “welfare state”. Despite this referrment, it is unacceptable for the Canadian government to not safeguard the welfare of its own citizens. This includes all citizens including Aboriginal Children.




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