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During his last week in Paris, French President Macron attempted to convince President Trump to reverse his withdrawal from the Paris Climate accord. This accord was struck in December 2015 and ratified by 153 nations. Long ago, Mr. Trump left the door open for compromise; however, no one knows what said compromise will be. Some…… Continue reading MR. TRUMP: WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?

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Have We Doomed Our Fate

  In 2015, a hundred countries congregated in Paris for the annual COP21 environmental summit. Each of the countries signed an agreement stating an international commitment to “keep the rise in global temperatures well below 2˚ to prevent catastrophic climate change, developed countries to commit $100 billion annually to developing countries for climate financing emerging sustainable…… Continue reading Have We Doomed Our Fate

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On Justin Trudeau’s+ official state visit to the United States on February 13th, Justin Trudeau brought Donald Trump a photograph of the President and the late Pierre Trudeau, a charismatic Prime Minister in the 1970s. Mr. Trudeau’s gentle stroking of Trump’s ego seemed to help the President to decide Canada has little to fear from Mr. Trump’s…… Continue reading TRUMP AND TRUDEAU NAFTAING OUT