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Have We Doomed Our Fate


In 2015, a hundred countries congregated in Paris for the annual COP21 environmental summit. Each of the countries signed an agreement stating an international commitment to “keep the rise in global temperatures well below 2˚ to prevent catastrophic climate change, developed countries to commit $100 billion annually to developing countries for climate financing emerging sustainable green economies, publishing greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction targets and to ensure the world is carbon neutral by 2050.

Many notable individuals such as America’s Donald Trump, do not agree with the existence of climate change; they would rather think “it was a hoax created by China to gain trade advantage in manufacturing” (Trump). There is countless evidence from renowned scientists across the globe to back up the existence of climate change.

As a young global citizen, I believe it is our duty to openly discuss climate change. To neglect this would be foregoing our duty as global citizens and the people of Earth. Humanity has been the driving cause for this evolving natural disaster. We have a responsibility to protect this Earth for future generations and children to come. The fate of the Earth rests upon our shoulders and its destiny is reliant on our will to protect our home and to make it sustainable for future generations.

In the past, there are many silent heroes, who have selflessly sacrificed in various Civil Rights Movements to bring equity, freedom and justice to our world. These heroes made these sacrifices so we did not have to deal with inferiority nor oppression; their acts have allowed us to live a safe life. Fast-forward into the 21st century and climate change is now a new danger, posing a threat to our society. Do you want a world with gas masks? Or do you want to live in a pristine environment with the Earth in harmony? Do you want to tell your grandchildren in 2050 that it is our fault of the absence of coral reefs and marine wildlife? Do you want 100 million (more) people to enter in absolute poverty within the next 13 years due to climate change? The fate of our world is dependent on what we do today. We as a society need to be more open about discussion in order to deviate new innovations to combat this global issue.

Are you ready to sacrifice?

Are you ready to make a change?

Are you ready to protect your home?


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