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Overview of Japan

When my parents told me we were going to go to Japan for a week, I was not sure what to expect. I was shocked surprised by the fast life, culture and the friendliness of the people. In Japan, politeness is a mantra and it is customary to bow when greeting or leaving a conversation. By the end of the trip I was reciprocating. It is impolite to use your cell phone in public places including the train station. People are texting, but no one is talking on the phone. Video games are an all-time hobby and it seems pink is a new fashion trend amongst millennial girls.  Anime fans will be at home with ANIME THEMED Restaurants. Filled with rich culture and temples, Japan is more interesting and fun than you would imagine.


Be Prepared to Wear Bunny Ears at Alice in Wonderland Cafe

I noticed the younger generation of Japanese children are more interested in Western foods. While most people are quite skinny, the younger generation who are indulging in Western take away and sweets are all not so slim.

In general, I felt the Japanese are well dressed and pay particular attention to detail. Black is considered a new fashion trend. Japan is mainly comprised of two religions: Shintoism and Buddhism. Shintoism is a religion where one believes in the forces of the Earth: the Sun, Sky, Water, etc… Life is fast in Tokyo and reminded me of New York City (there’s a fake Statue of Liberty!). I could spend days in Toyko exploring all the shops and markets so much to see, eat and indulge. I recommend if you are vegetarian, contact your hotel to find some vegetarian friendly restaurants or check out Trip-Advisor. Most dishes have Oyster sauce or some sort of fish sauce, so if you are vegetarian (and don’t eat fish) make sure you keep that in mind.

Niam at the Samurai Museum

You don’t need to use taxi’s or rent a car, buy a train pass. There are three major competitors in the public transportation business, which are all very good. You can also buy a package which gets you a 7 day, 14 day or even 30 day pass. Trust me, their trains are fast, especially that speedy bullet train.