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History Of Vietnam


The history of Vietnam can be discovered in history books and the internet. Today, I am going to enrich your lives with the history of Vietnam as I heard it firsthand from the local community.

Early History

The story begins 2000 years ago with the Chinese Empire looking to explore south-east Asia. The Chinese empire brought their culture to Vietnam, spearheading a dislike for their rulers, even today.

china-women-mil.jpgMid History of Vietnam

In the 19th century, The History of Vietnam continues. the French empire brought a ruthless regime upon the Vietnamese, bringing an age of discrimination, racism, slavery, superiority and imperialism. You can learn more about the despicable acts committed to the Vietamese by the French in my post “Hanoi Prison” (coming soon). In 1946, everything changed. The disgruntled, patriotic Vietamese, led by Ho Chi Minh rebelled against the French and gained their independece in 1954 through a revolution made of blood, sweat and tears.


The history of Vietnam continues in 1956 when the Americans decided to prevent a communist Vietnam by provoking a civil war between the democratic South Vietnam (American Puppet government) based in Saigon and the Vietcong based in Hanoi. The United States defiled the beautiful landscape, unleashing terror and misery through the destructive “Agent Orange”. The United States lost the war and Vietnam was reunited as one communist state. More of the Vietnam War can be found in my post “Vietnam War” (coming soon)


Agent Orange
Agent Orange is a defoliant chemical used by the Americans in the Vietnam War. The bomb disguised chemiocals would reach havoc in cities and to those in surrounding areas. It destroys cities, break homes and tears families. These consequences do not even cover the phsyical damage done by Agent Orange to First to Fourth Generation Vietamese suffering from brain deformations, loss of limb or even a loss of a brain.



Vietnam has moved on since the war and is a beautiful nation with amazing people. The affects of the war still exist, but overall Vietnam is a bustling place compared to their darker days.