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4 Habits to Reduce Our Waste

Most people eat out or order takeout out of convenience. When they finish eating, there are left with trash such as cups, lids, straws, food bags and several unused napkins. None of these items worth to use afterwards and this incident applies to one person’s meal.



The impact of our daily waste is discouraging and disheartening. Sometimes, regardless of your efforts, it feels nothing can be done to mitigate the wastage. On the other hand, we can individually improve our waste by incorporating new habits in our lifestyle.


To drive the sustainable movement, the public mindset must realize that they have an impact on the environment. The mindset will not change overnight; however, imagine the impacts created by millions if they changed their waste mindset.


Here are 4 habits to reduce our waste.



  1. Reduce, Reuse, then Recycling is the last resort for managing waste. On the other hand, reducing our waste would be ideal. Many cities offer recycling services and programs to encourage taking care of waste.



  1. Conserve water usage by fixing leaks, turning off the tap while brushing your teeth and take shorter showers rather than longer baths.



  1. As convenient as paper towels are, stop using them. As an alternative, use cloth napkins and rags. They feel better on your skin and you will never need paper towels again. One can buy a pack of rags and napkins for really cheap.



  1. Spread the word. Creating awareness throughout the community will encourage people do incorporate the same habits in their daily lives.