Study for Exams-The Green Way

Exams are coming up soon, and before you start studying, take these green moves to lessen your impact

1. Make your Study Notes on your computer

Instead of printing all of your notes from the entire year, make flashcards or review sheets on your laptop. Save it to the cloud and you have it forever. 




2. Use apps

There are so many apps that can be used today to make review notes. Check out apps like Studies and to make flashcards. Many of these apps are mobile devices allowing you to be quizzed on the go.  Use apps like Word or Manuscripts fOr making nice review sheets. 


3. Paper


Now the time has come to print off your study notes (something I recommend). But hold off, do these things first


  1.  Print double sided (or single sided if you want to use the other side for making questions)
  2. Use sustainable paper
  3. Don’t print off everything for the sake of printing. Print what you need.  


I hope these are some of the ways you can be green when you are studying for your big exams.  


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