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The Hypocrisy of Saying: I Care about Animals

Uh, I am tired of hearing this thing every single day, whether at school, out and about or even on the internet. There is a excuse saying, I love animals. If you love animals, why do you eat them? Why do you support chains like McDonalds which kill animals over 5 million cattle for JUST AMERICANS a year? I find it really weird that people would rather eat meat than do the dirty work that is required for all of you people to eat. Check out how they do their “Egg McMuffins” at the end of this post. Haven’t we learn’t from past wars? People were killed from the past 2 wars. Even today there is still violence. It’s obvious we haven’t learn’t our lesson fully yet.


The slaughtering of animals hasn’t changed, in fact it’s only gotten worse. 80% of our Anti-biotics are in fast food. Great job fast food industries! You are despicable! Hey we got GMOs already, lets add more crap for us!  Bad for us humans too. Why do people eat meat at all? There is no “sustainable” way of killing meat, I2Us supports Chipolte for destroying their GMO’s and being friendly to animals. But the truth is there isn’t. There are kinder ways to do it, but people still kill it. So how do you care for animals? You don’t really. If we really did, then we would never eat meat. 



Humans are Animals classified undert the Mammal division. If we eat meat, do we eat humans too? After all they are animals. No we don’t! So why do we eat other species? I know why because everyone else does. It is the status quo.  Shameless. 



I don’t get why lots of schools require leather clothing. Horrible. Not being very responsible and informing the students on how animals are used in their clothing. So before anyone protests, “I’m not guilty”, we all are. Because people eat meat, they wear leather belts and leather shoes. I’m guilty and I’m a vegatarian, however I made poor clothing choices. So I bet as you are watching this, you are most likely at a fancy resturant eating a animal which someone slaughtered. I bet when you go home, you will forget everything about that animal felt. You want to know why? Because it’s not you. Therefore, you don’t care! Are your feelings hurt, going to go cry now! Aw, your tiny world was shattered.You need proof, use the internet. 



So you have two choices. Go be a coward, ignore everything, eat meat and pretend you love animals. If that is you, well pathetic. Or be someone who does not follow the status quo, meaning: be vegatarian/vegan, promote animal rights and murder, and be someone who hates the status quo. If you are one of those people like Morrisey or Stella McCartney, I2Us applauds you for standing up.



Commerical businesses do better.



I2Us will like to make it clear to anyone, we will speak out against anyone who is stopping our world from becoming a random place. It doesn’t matter if you are a small business, the general population or a grand company. We demand change. 


Remember if you think this is harsh, there is more coming. Because this is only a small but a needed addressed part to society. We need to accept responsibility.


Are you a sheep or a wolf? 


Are you willing to bring change and create a world movement?